2019 Jorge Ferreiro Work Recap

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It’s sporadic that I looked back and reflect on what I’ve accomplished. I’m always executing in the present and thinking about the future. However, I want to take a moment to appreciate and summarize what I did this year. I am inspired by a coworker who wrote her New Year's Resolutions List.

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I Pushed Myself to My Limits

I felt close to burning out, but thankfully, I’m self-aware and got incredible help from friends and mentors. Travelling also helped me to take perspective and recharge the batteries. If you have ever burned out, tell me your story, I’d like to write more about this ✨

I Learned A Lot From Non-Technical People

I learned how to adapt to different people at work. A big lesson learned when I work with designers: Objectivity and researching common patterns in the industry are key to earn the designer's trust. I use quite often: pttrns.com or uipatterns.io. Thanks @piensaenpixel!

I Discovered my Passion for Teaching

Jorge Ferreiro teaches at Adalab

I started to collaborate as a teacher for Adalab, a technical Bootcamp for women in tech (thanks to Israel!). I gave three masterclasses (a format I love), and I tested out new group dynamics and teaching methodologies.

Adalab taught me many important things, such as: using an inclusive language, and the importance of being empathetic, “talk about what they need to hear, not what you like.” In 2020, I want to continue to explore teaching opportunities, so please reach out if you have anything for me

I Gave Twelve Conferences and Two International Talks

Jorge Ferreiro giving conferences in UPenn

This year was busy with public speaking, and I was fortunate to travel abroad for two conferences:

I’ve also been talking in several events across Spain, for computer science students or entrepreneurs. I’ve also done several remote talks: my first online webinar for Codemotion, and for Eventbrite folks in Argentina.

I’m looking forward to giving more talks in 2020, so reach out to me if you want to bring me to your event, university or webinar 🙌

I Launched Developers in Depth, a New Personal Project

Jorge Ferreiro hosts Developers In Depth

College frustrated me a bit because it's disconnected from the professional world, and no one was sharing tips on how to build a successful career in tech. To fix this, I created “Developers In Depth”, a YouTube show where I interview top leaders in the industry to bring their knowledge to junior engineers and people finishing college.

So far, people's reaction has been great. Around 260 people are subscribed to the channel, and there are more than 3800 viewers. Some published interviews:

I’m preparing more amazing interviews for next year, so keep tuned and subscribe!

Ps: I’m looking for sponsors for the show if your company or yourself are interested in supporting the show, reach out. Also, I’m looking for more incredible profiles to interview if you are an individual with a great story to share with the community or know someone, I want to hear from you!

I Wrote for Smashing Magazine and Kicked Off My Blog

New article for Smashing Magazine

Writing has taught great lessons, from synthesizing ideas to how to create storytelling to engage people. I wrote a technical article for Smashing Magazine “Intro to Yarn Workspaces”, thanks to Kyle for your insights!

I kicked off my blog, and I published ten articles. Some popular articles:

If you want to get updates and personal emails from me, I created a newsletter where I send from time to time. Let’s keep growing the fam in 2020!

We Released Our Project at Eventbrite, and I Got a Promotion

One-year Eventbrite promotion

We were working super hard early in the year to launch our new product Eventbrite Studio. We made it, and I’m so proud of what we accomplished! We have been working on exciting features lately, and I’m so excited for 2020.

In September, I got great news because I got promoted, so hard work paid off!

Two mini interviews for Xataka

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