Codemotion Webinar about Progressive Web Applications

I gave my first webinar for Codemotion couple of weeks ago, and I really enjoyed the experience! ⚡️ In this post I'm sharing you what topics I covered as well as the video in case you wanna learn more about PWAs.

What are Progressive Web Apps?

In the first part of the video I introduced the main features and funcionalities of a PWA. I also shared examples of top companies in the industry using PWAs (like Twitter, Tinder, Startbucks...). These are the topics I covered:

  • Progressive Enhancement.
  • The 10 features of PWAs.
  • Trusted Web Applications.
  • Progressive Web Apps in the industry.
  • Why Progressive Web Apps?

Building your first PWAs

In the second half of the presentation we did together our first Progressive Web Application. If you are curious, you can download the source code directly in my Github: "Progressive Web Apps 101"

I covered the following topics:

  • Progressive metatags
  • Manifest.json
  • Intro to service workers
  • Offline mode with Cache API
  • Caching critical assets.
  • Fetch image or placeholder
  • Other cool APIs (Local notification, Payments API, Web Push Notifications, The App Shell Model, Background Sync, IndexedDB)

If you wanna get the slides, check this speaker deck page with the slides

Doubts or feedback?

If you have some doubts or want to stay in touch I'll be happy to get a message from you! You can reach me here:

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