Hopin buys StreamYard 😲😍 What a professional GIFT 🎁

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When I joined StreamYard (the best tool for easily creating professional live streams) as Growth Product Manager back in September 2020, I couldn't anticipate we'd be acquired, but it happened! Johnny Boufarhat, Founder and CEO at Hopin, announced last week that StreamYard joins Hopin's family. 😍

All the credits of this acquisition go to Geige and Dan, the founders of StreamYard, who built the company from scratch with ZERO external investors. As I told them many times privately and publicly, they are the most humble and some of the smartest folks I've ever got the chance to work with (cheesy, but honest! haha). Their high customer obsession, attention to detail, and the fantastic team they have put together are crazy. I feel energized and I learn every single day.

StreamYard founders (two engineers) bootstrapped a $30 Million Annual recurrent revenue company with ZERO external investors. What an inspiring story for any entrepreneurs out there.

StreamYard's user base blew up when the pandemic hit, and the company became the leader in the market. Customer support team led by Dana Bentz played a crucial role in supporting our user base's rapid growth, and I think they should get fair credit for this too, including all the early employees. <3

One of the Best Professional GIFTs

If joining StreamYard and working with Geige, Dan, and the rest of the team was my gift in 2020, becoming part of Hopin and experiencing this transition will change me forever. Being part of an acquisition happens a few times (if any) in professional life, so I want to enjoy every part of it.

When Eventbrite went IPO, it was also an exciting time and great learning opportunity to see how the company evolved over time. However, an acquisition feels different!

While it’s true that an acquisition has some implicit challenges, it also brings terrific new opportunities: having more resources to move faster and bring more value to our customers, economies of scale, and learning from the incredible talent pool at Hopin. What a massive learning opportunity!

I can't wait to see what comes out of this! I wish we will be able to celebrate in person with my new colleges in 2021 πŸ™

What makes me excited about Hopin?

When I was working at Eventbrite in the online events team, we paid a close look to Hopin, as I mentioned in my previous blog "The future of the Online Events industry?". They were building a great solution for the online events, a critical product in the pandemic, perfect timing!

I know Hopin pretty well, and I've always been amazed by how rapidly they were able to acquire a considerable market share, and position themselves as a good leader in the online events space. I also enjoyed the fact they are fully distributed and they attract great talented people worldwide.

But, for me, Hopin is much more than Online events, and I think StreamYard will bring lots of synergies to Hopin's business, and the other way around. As Geige's said, we'll be running independently, and I'm excited about what will come!

Join Geige and Jonathan for a fire chat here

Are you as excited as I am? We’re hiring new folks!

If you are excited about StreamYard and being part of this journey, we're hiring remote engineers and other roles. Reach out to me if interested! Jorge AT streamyard DOT com

πŸ¦† Ducks have a new home! <3

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