YEAR In REVIEW 2020 by Jorge Ferreiro

2020 has been a year with ups and downs, probably one of the most challenging years, and one of the years that has helped me grow a lot personally and professionally, beating my fears of taking risks and jumping into the uncertainty.

In this post, I'm sharing some highlights of this Year. I hope you are all safe and see you soon!

Year in review 2020 by Jorge Ferreiro

2020 Highlights

2020 has taught me that our reality could change from one day to the other, but what matters is our ability to react, modify, adapt, and focus on what we can control.
  • Hosted my first virtual event! In March, just right after the pandemic started, I celebrated my birthday virtually with 350+ attendees on YouTube and Discord. It was amazingπŸ˜‚

Happy 2021! If you're also writing a post about your Year, share it with me on Tweet me, and I'll share it here.

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