Jorge Ferreiro

Growth Product Manager + Entrepreneur + Musicals fan + Amateur DJ

πŸ‘‹Hello! I'm Jorge, Growth Product Manager at StreamYard, and Entrepreneur from Spain, living in πŸ“ Madrid.

I'm a self-taught software developer since 10. In the past years, I've been learning about Product Management by myself launching products like: Streamradiox and I recently graduated from Product Faculty.

Every day I wake up with the motivation to launch digital products that someone like my mom can understand, enjoy, and use.

I'm a part-time streamer on YouTube, and I'm always looking for people to build ideas together or to share thoughts. Reach out!


Software developer at Eventbrite, the number one ticketing company
Frontend Tech lead
Software developer at Amazon
Backend Intern
Summer scholar at Huawei
Summer scholarship

Products I've launched

Shipping is my favorite word in the dicionary, followed by teamplay, fun, growth and passion. I'm always looking for people to build projects to solve meaningful problems and to have fun with!


Spotify for streamers - We help streamers to avoid getting copyright claims while enjoying our music

Developers In Depth

Helping Computer Science students to get their first job in technology and build a successful career. Join the movement!


Weather and clothes recommendations in one app



Be more productive in dealing with your emails and social media



Listen and discover new electronic music from emerging artists ✨🀩

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