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2019 Jorge Ferreiro Personal Recap

4 years ago
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The second post of the series called 2019 recap – in these posts, I'm reflecting about 2019 from two points of view: work and personal.

All the articles in this series:

I Run My First 10KM (6.2 Miles) Race

Running 10km for the first time

I still have muscle pains hehe, but it was worth it to push myself to run and finish this race with the rest of my coworkers… Thanks to Bruno Munoz for your coaching! 🙌

I Saw Eight Musicals, Including Hadestown ❤️

Jorge loves musicals. Hadestown, Billy Elliot and Mean girls

I’m a big fan of musicals, as you can see on my Instagram, haha. Musicals are one of the most complex forms of live performances: acting, singing, and dancing with live music. Crazy! This year I saw the following musicales: Hadestown (❤️❤️❤️), Mean Girls, Billy Elliot (3 times 😂), La Llamada, Cabaret, Anastasia, Wicked, La Cage aux Folles.

My dream is to see Hamilton in Broadway next year, but this show in Broadway is too expensive 😂😂😂

I started to play paddle

I’m a huge fan of tennis. I’ve been playing tennis since I was 3. I took a couple of years of a break (the typical excuse that we are swamped lol). In 2018 in Luxembourg, I started to play tennis again, and this year I began to play paddle! I’m enjoying this so much if you are around Madrid and wanna play, shoot me a message 🙌

I met inspiring people

This year was soul-feeding for me. I’ve met new friends all around the world, super talented people. From designers to engineers, sales, marketing. I’m so honored to get the chance to travel and hear so many stories. I’ll not make a list of all the people I met this year, but I should probably write a thread on Twitter 😂 Hope to keep meeting so inspiring people next year!

We won a hackathon, and I Become a Fan of Electric scooters 😂

Hackathon Adglow and facebook Jorge Ferreiro

I had so much fun participating in a hackathon organized by Facebook and Adglow. My only expectation was to have fun working with friends, and that mindset made us to the top! Lesson learned? Do not put much pressure on the end goal, focus on the process and create a fun environment 🎉

As a side effect, they gave us electric scooters, and I became a huge fan 😂They are cheap, they use electricity, they are small. Future of mobility!

I Started to do Digital Painting

Jorge Ferreiro doing Digital painting

I started to draw art for fun! I’m a very visual person, and bringing lets me adequately express emotions. In 2020 I’d like to do something fun with painting if you are interested, reach out!

I had a dog

Jorge Ferreiro dog

Having a dog is probably the best thing that happened this year! It’s an exciting feeling the need to take care of someone apart from you, and how you educate the dog. Welcome Brooklyn ❤️

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