See you soon Eventbrite! What's next for me?

Last Friday was my last day at Eventbrite after 2.2 years. Eventbrite felt like home, and it was hard to leave a company that has given me so much. I became a better version of myself, more empathetic, more human, and a more vital engineer. I've learned so much from many people.

In this post, I want to share my reasons candidly and my talk about next steps.

Why did I leave Eventbrite?

For me, leaving Eventbrite was a tough decision that involved many thoughts. It's a personal decision, but since I value transparency, I want to share my reasons:

  1. Wear multiple hats and jump over product management in the near term: Thanks to Eventbrite, I've discovered my passion for product management as a critical skill that I want to master. I love to wear multiple hats and apply all the things I'm learning at the product management course at Product Faculty. At the size of Eventbrite, I'd need to focus on PM or Engineering, and I feel that a smaller workplace would allow me to wear multiple hats more comfortably.
  2. Try out a Startup: My first job was at Amazon (big company), then Eventbrite (medium size), and now I want to try something different as a next step: a startup. At some point, I want to launch a business, and it is the right time to jump into a new adventure and help grow the company! ๐ŸŒ‡
  3. Move outside of Spain: I'm 25, and as I said in my post, "Thinking about moving outside of Spain" I want to try living in a new country. I've lived in the US and Luxembourg, and I really miss the exposure to a challenging environment. My dream is to move to NYC, which is easier if you join a company that has a substantial presence there and who is willing to sponsor my VISA.

Is Eventbrite an excellent place to work now?

Absolutely! As I wrote in my post, "Two years at Eventbrite! What I've learned so far?", Eventbrite has been vital for my personal and professional growth.

The company is fantastic. Many new folks join the company with fresh ideas and strong knowledge, such as Vivek (the new CTO), Daniel Micol (new distinguished engineer), and many more. Adding to that, the company has a solid three years vision plan.

If you're interested in Eventbrite, they are hiring a lot! Reach out if you want some info, and I can put you in touch with the right people. ๐Ÿ™Œ

My next adventure

I'm joining a startup to work on growth! I'm excited to challenge myself in a new environment! I'm not going to lie to you: I'm nervous, but I think I'll sort that out hehe.

I'll be sharing more info shortly but, for now, I'll be taking a couple of weeks off to decompress and start with fresh energy!

If you want to send me your support, reach out on social! I can't wait to connect with you on Twitter and in my newsletter and I start this new chapter.

See you soon, Eventbrite. Jorge leaves the nest.

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