Thinking about moving out. Would it be the right decision?

It’s been two years since I got back to Madrid from Luxembourg, where I worked for Amazon. Before that, I spent the summer in the US, and I miss the feeling of being challenged again. After spending so long in Madrid, I’m considering moving to Berlin or another entrepreneur-focused city, and I wanted to hear your thoughts!

Why do I want to move?

Madrid is my hometown. I was born here and I LOVE it! However, I don’t feel it’s a place that at this point will expose me to new experiences that will challenge me 10x. I have all I want here really, and everything is easy for me in Madrid. So yeah, I feel I’m stuck in my comfort zone.

I have all I want here really, and everything is easy for me in Madrid. So yeah, I feel I’m stuck in my comfort zone

I also want to go all-in with the startup world and connect with entrepreneurs and with new opportunities. We do have amazing startups in Madrid that I love and respect like Cabify, Movo, OnTruck, Lana, Housell, Frontity, etc, but I feel that a city like Berlin is more connected to international venture capitals, with exciting new startups coming up every week, and a more international ecosystem of people.

What do I value most in my life right now?

  • Meeting people that are different to me.
  • Independence and uncertainty.
  • Finding co-founders. I’m building new products and ideas, and I know I can be a solo founder. But I think building a company is more fun if you find the right people. So I want to find my better half.

Why am I asking myself if it is the right decision?

It’s not easy to say no to a comfortable life, right? :) I guess big changes come with bigger questions. So I tend to be cautious over this kind of changes, and want to feel confident about it, which is damn cause nothing is certain. But I also wanted to open up with you, my friends and contacts, and see what your thoughts are.

Which other cities do you recommend?

I think Berlin is an exciting place, with a very open minded people and exciting startup opportunities, but I also want to keep my eyes open. I love the United States, as well as Asia, and I’ve heard places like Singapore are also amazing for startups.

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