I’m Joining Eventbrite Full-time! What, Where And Why

I'm living the most exciting time in my career so far. Eventbrite, is a vibrant and innovative company that recently went public. I'm very passionate about my team and the project we're working on; I'm solving new challenges that push my boundaries every day.

What Am I going To Be Doing?

I joined Eventbrite Incubation in September. Incubation is a new project within the company tasked with creating and building disruptive startups inside Eventbrite (Exciting! 🤩).

  • My role is Software Engineer, and I'm primarily focused on Frontend with React right now.

  • My team is distributed across the US, Argentina, and in Madrid Spain. We're working hard to launch a brand-new product for the company worldwide. Our mindset is to operate like a startup: move fast and deliver customer value every day.


I’m joining Eventbrite in Madrid, my hometown!

Eventbrite Madrid

I’m excited to be here at this time in my career. Since moving back to Madrid I’ve met many of the amazingly talented engineers that previously worked for Ticketea (a company Eventbrite adquired), and now they're part of our powerhouse team. I feel lucky to have joined at this exciting time and I look forward to seeing how we scale up the team here.

Why Eventbrite?

  • My manager: I knew I really wanted to work with Brian Singer, my manager, from the first time we talked. He understood my professional goals and offered me an exciting project to be a part of. I felt this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.
  • **My team: **I'm really honored and excited to work with such great people. Not simply because they're highly skilled technically, but also because they are great team players! They are supportive, understanding, and very focused on delivering results.
  • Superb talent: The people at Eventbrite are simply amazing: top-notch Frontend engineers (Ben Ilegbodu & Marcos Iglesias), Co-creators of Django Framework (Simon Willison & Andrew Godwin), Backend engineers (Daniel Silverstein & Vincent Franco) among others.
  • Eventbrite culture: The people working at Eventbrite are really special: They are amazing individuals and just great human beings. I'll never forget a conversation I had with Scott Stenback (the head of Incubation Engineering) where he finished with "It looks like we sing the same song".
  • Opportunities: Eventbrite recently went public and the company has a lot of potential. We're growing fast and I think there are many great opportunities inside the company to make an impact.

Reach out!

That’s all! I’m in a very exhilarating time in my career. Feel free to reach out to me if you wanna know more about Eventbrite and our openings and check my Twitter and Instagram to keep connected :).

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I'm Jorge Ferreiro and I've launched more than four side products and worked in tech companies like Amazon and Eventbrite.
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