I enrolled in a Product Management course!

I've been programming since I am ten, and professionally for almost three years, and I've never considered programming as the ultimate goal. My ultimate goal is to learn to build products that matter.

Programming is the weapon I have used so far to accomplish that goal, and I want to continue to grow my versatility by learning more about business. The more hats I can wear, the better leader I'll become.

I'm happy to announce that I've just been accepted into a Product Management course! Let me explain you more about the decision.

Will you stop being a Software Developer?

No! The course is on Saturdays, and I'll dedicate my hours after work to working on it. I'll keep focusing on Front End Development and leadership at work.

Why now?

I do this course as part of my long-term plan to become a full-time startup founder. I want to learn more about making products that make money, solve pain points, and positively impact society. And, in the short term, this will help me a lot at work by putting me on the intersection between engineering and business.

Learn making products that make money, solve pain points, and positively impact society

Are you scared?

Yes! ProductFaculty is a very demanding and deep course. There are a lot of concepts and knowledge that I've never heard about nor have experienced. But I'm a blank canvas that is hungry for knowledge. I love to be challenged and to push myself into uncertain waters, and this course comes at the right time!

The Opportunity I Was Looking for

The opportunity I was looking for

I've been putting more effort and energy into learning product management by myself since the end of last year, and mainly on weekends while building my new startup Streamradiox. I've learned a lot by making my own mistakes, and now I want to go further, move faster, and not feel that I’m alone in the process.

It's a life-changing opportunity to join a course with great Product Managers and top Product leaders like Moe Ali, Niaz Ahmed, Katie Cerar, and others. Shoutout to Moe for believing in me, my background is very different than most of my classmates, and I can't wait to learn a lot from them. I hope not to disappoint you!

Can I learn with you?

Am I scared to learn more about product management?

Yes! I want to focus on learning as much as possible from Product and sharing what I learn with all of you. Every Sunday I'll be sharing something that I learned that week on my YouTube channel. I'll make Spanish content because there is less product information.

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Can’t wait to start learning everything about product management. If you are in a similar place, leave me a comment or send me a Direct message.

Ps: If you're also interested into a product management course and how did I get into ProductFaculty, feel free to reach out jorge@ferreiro.me and I’ll give you all the details: https://ferreiro.me/contact

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I'm Jorge Ferreiro and I've launched more than four side products and worked in tech companies like Amazon and Eventbrite.
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