The best chair for WORKING FROM HOME? Autonomous ErgoChair 2

As many of you, I've been working from home for more than eight months, and a month ago, I started to work fully remotely for StreamYard.

I've been using a 100 dollar chair from Amazon for three years, and I've recently experienced several back issues. After a fair amount of research, on Black Friday, I finally bought the Autonomous Ergochair 2, a $370 ($420 originally). I've been using it for a week with promising results and wanted to share some thoughts.

*Disclaimer: I've been using it for a week (around 10 hours a day). I still want to keep testing out, so my opinions may change over time. *

First impressions with Autonomous ErgoChair 2

I've been using the Autonomous ErgoChair 2 for a week, and I'm thrilled. It helps me keep a good position, the lumbar pad and headrest help me decrease lumbar tension.

I learned about Autonomous thanks to my friend Daniel (@blayhem). is a 5 years old company born in Kickstarter, where they raised $400,000 in their first ever SmartDesk. A year later, they introduced the first ErgoChair, and they sold a million units. The rest is history, but I became a huge fan of this company and their products.

In fact, I'm thinking of giving it a shot at their standing desks, but one thing at a time. ๐Ÿค‘

Ergochair 2 in-depth - Back Support with lumbar pad and adjustable headrest

autonomous Ergochair 2 lumbar pad and adjustable headrest

Autonomous Ergochair 2 is comfortable. You can adjust the lumbar pad as you want, and it helps me reduce stress in my lumbar region and feels really good on my lower back. For the position, it reclines and has a nice counterbalance adjustment.

The headrest is also suitable. It has multiple positions that you can change, and it perfectly fits with my head. Previously I had a chair without a headrest, and it's probably one of the worst things when working longer hours.

ErgoChair 2 Seat Cushion

autonomous Ergochair 2 Seat Cushion

The seat is comfortable, and the materials adapt quite nicely to my butt. I like a lot to easily slide in/out the seat cushion just by touching one arm. I've read reviews online of people who find the seat cushion very uncomfortable, especially for 200lbs weight. So far, so good for me; I'll keep an eye on it if I start to feel less comfortable and need to return.

Why invest in a good chair?

Spending more than ten hours per day sitting in front of the computer is 2400 hours per year. Paying $370 on a chair will cost you $0.15 per hour and a total of $1.5 per day to use the chair. I'd much rather investing $1.5 on avoiding back pains than paying a $5 overrated Starbucks coffee.

I'd much rather investing $1.5 on avoiding back pains than paying a $5 overrated Starbucks coffee.

If the value proposition is clear, why do we hesitate to invest in essential home office gadgets that are key for our health?

Well, I can't answer for the majority of the population, and we all have our reasons. II focused on creating a productive work environment, and I began with crucial aspects such as mechanical keyboards, mics, or webcams. I didn't invest in a good chair cause I thought I was already covered, but the more time I spent with my older chair, the worst back pains I got.

Is the Autonomous ErgoChair 2 worth it?

It's still very early to say yes or no. For me so far, it's totally worth it, and I've enjoyed a lot working with it. In case you also want to try it out, you can buy here Ergochair 2 from Autonomous with a 30 days return policy.

Have you tried this chair? What are your thoughts? Which other chair do you recommend? Send me a tweet ^_^.

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