🇪🇸 Interview César Puerta Senior Staff At Twitter

Last week I gave a conference in the universiy UCM (Universidad Compluitense de Madrid. Facultad de informática). it was a really fun and interesting conference where I did 3 different presentations, and a video conference interview.

I did an interview to César Puerta (@CesarDielo). César is currently leading the engineering team at Twitter for Android. César current title is Senior Staff Software Engineer at Twitter. Cesar rapidly grew to his current position, starting his carreer as a Senior Software Engineer at Twitter and getting promoted into Staff Sofware Engineer.

Before working as an engineer at Twitter, César spent more than 8 years working in Electronic Arts (EA). César started as an Integration Engineer for well renowed videogames like: FIFA, UEFA Euro 2004, UEFA Champions League 2005, The Simpsons. Then, he rapidly grow into Senior Lead Engineer, Engineering Supervisor and Technical Engineering Manager.

In this interview (in Spanish), César shares career advice for new Junior Engineers or people that are starting their carrer. Things like: "How does it look like to be a software engineer at Twitter" or "What are the most important lessons learned in your career as a Software Engineer?".

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