Introducing Developers In Depth, my new personal project

After many weeks of work, I’m finally releasing a new personal project: Developers In Depth. It’s an exciting time so I want to share more about the project.

🤔 Why did I build Developers In Depth?

Six years ago, I started university with two dreams: Learning Computer Science skills to build the next big thing, and be part of fantastic tech companies who are changing the world in different ways. But soon I realized that I was missing the big picture of the world and how the software industry works.

I was missing the big picture of the world and how the software industry works

Since I didn’t know anyone and I didn’t have any contacts, so I took to social media to connect with technical leaders all around the globe. Out of those conversations, I got a better understanding of what it's like to be an engineer, how to get my first job opportunity, or simply tips and lessons learned on how to build a successful career in tech from people that were ten years ahead of me.

Reaching to those people was insightful and game-changing for me, so I'm challenging myself to bring lessons learned from those top leaders to everybody on the internet for free and build a community around it. That’s why I started to work on Developers In Depth

📹 What Is ‘Developers In Depth‘?

Developers In Depth (DID) is a video program of interviews with industry experts (CTOs, Senior Engineers, Directors). Its mission is to help you advance and grow your tech career by learning from the insights and the mistakes of people who are ten years ahead of you.

Ultimately, I want Developers In Depth to grow into a community of young developers and curious individuals who want to build a network to create projects and support each other.

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🚀 Sharing With the Community

I want to give back to the developer’s community, and give the visibility to anyone who wants to collaborate either by being interviewed, or by donating to help the show continue to grow.

Production costs of Developers In Depth interviews are high, so I’ll offer to the community the option to support the show via Patreon. The money will be dedicated to continuing to produce interviews, as well as sharing the content, so I want to send to messages:

  • To you sponsor: I am looking for sponsors that share the goals of the project and want to be part of this adventure. My only restriction is that I won't accept money in exchange for an interview or for advertising the company. I want to bring genuine stories and keep the content authentic and real.

  • To you my dear reader: Donations are not everything, joining and supporting the DID community will be key, you are the most important part of all this and sharing the contents of this project in your networks to gain reach will give us strength. Feedback is much appreciated 🤗

My email is open for all of you and I can’t wait to hear your proposals ♥️.

⏰ Release: When is ‘Developers In Depth’ Going to be Available?

I’ve been showing the process of building the application on my YouTube channel, but we have an official lunch day! Drum rolls… Next Thursday 21th of April, we will lunch the web application Developers In Depth but also, we will launch a new interview with Paco Estévez, Senior Software Engineer at Facebook. Ole! 💃We are very nervous.

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One more thing… I have a surprise! I’ll give early access from now on to all those who sign up to the “Developers In Depth” newsletter who is currently available. I will send you a registration link so that you can browse and test the application. Your feedback is important to me, I would love to receive your comments and bugs!

That’s all! So excited to see you all

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