Products I've launched

Shipping is my favorite word in the dicionary, followed by teamplay, fun, growth and passion. I'm always looking for people to build projects to solve meaningful problems and to have fun with!


Get more clients and grow your NFTs and Web3 communities. ZooTools is a suite of tools for web3 and crypto founders.


WaitlistPanda is the easiest wait to create viral waitlists for startups, NFT collections and businesess. is the smartest way to share your NFTs. Create your Gallery in one minute, and embed it everywhere!


Spotify for streamers - We help streamers to avoid getting copyright claims while enjoying our music

Developers In Depth

Helping Computer Science students to get their first job in technology and build a successful career. Join the movement!


Top app of the day at ProductHunt. Clotim is an app that recommends you clothes based on the weather around you.


Be more productive managing your emails and social media


45.000 downloads. Music app to listen and discover new electronic music from emerging artists ✨🤩