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Hey, I'm Jorge! I've worked for tech companies like Amazon or Eventbrite, growing from Junior to Tech Lead, and I've shipped products like Streamradiox.
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Companies I've worked for

Product Manager at Hopin
Leading Global Expansion at StreamYard
Software developer at Eventbrite, the number one ticketing company
Software developer at Amazon

Engineering Mentor

How can I help you with?

How to do a career change from engineering into product management

Career change

Engineer to Product Manager

How to transition from junior to senior engineer

Career growth

From Junior to Senior Engineer

How to build and ship products

Side projects

Building and shipping products


Victor O Frank is a Software developeer at Microsoft and filmmaker

Victor O'Frank

Microsoft Engineer

"I had a near one hour session with Jorge. He was patient, concise and he spoke as one who truly loved what he does.

He gave me the confidence I needed to trudge on with my career shift, coming from a filmmaking background.

I would recommend that if you ever get the chance to experience that, please do"

Microsoft Software Developer Victor O'Frank

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